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Version 1.3
August 23, 2018

Bitwise Index Historical: Full historical data for all of Bitwise’s indices

Bitwise Ticker: Current ticker index price data, performance, and constituent weights

CryptUnit Earnings: Displays the earnings of a cryptocurrency based on user-input hash rate

Version 1.3
August 16, 2018

Coinmetrics Historical: Blockchain data of a given asset over a specified time range

Coindar Events: Returns cryptocurrency events

Coindar Social: Returns a massive list of all coins social data, including social links and user counts

Version 1.3
August 2018

Added Quotes Historical
Added Quotes Current
Added Quotes (Multi-Exchange)
Added Trades Historical
Added Trades Current
Added Order Book Historical
Added Order Book Current
Added OHLCV Historical
Added OHLCV Current

Version 1.2
August 2018

Added Trades Historical
Added OHLCV Current
Added OHLCV Historical

Version 1.1
July 2018

Added real-time Quotes
Added Billing 

Version 1.0
second quarter 2018

Initial release:
Added CoinMarketCap Ticker integration
Added Cryptocompare OHLCV integration 

Company established
third quarter 2017

Cryptosheets is formed with a simple goal in mind: make it easier to pull cryptocurrency data into Excel. 

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