About us

Data is no longer the future. Data is the now.

This is why we created Cryptosheets, a set of cryptographic asset predictive analytic tools for investors, analysts, developers, and students.

Our mission is to make cryptographic asset data affordable and easy to access so investors can save money and make time to build something meaningful.

We want our users to spend less time on data entry, and more time on analysis and decision-making. This is the heart of Cryptosheet's mission.

Meet the team

Come meet the individuals who make Cryptosheets tick.


John Young

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

John Young is the founder of Cryptosheets, former financial analyst for a big-ass company, and runner up in the 6th grade spelling bee. He would have invested in Google if he knew about it...and had any money. 


Andrew Ferguson

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Andrew Ferguson is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Cryptosheets. He is responsible for the technical direction and strategy of Cryptosheets.

When he was younger, Andrew created, launched, and sold a real-time scheduling app in under a month...just for the hell of it. 


Here are the talented individuals helping Cryptosheets along the way.

Keegan Toci

Vertical Ascent Capital Management

Partner, Portfolio Manager
Formerly BlackRock and Fidelity
Harvard University

Christopher Ware

Vertical Ascent Capital Management

Founding Partner, Portfolio Manager
Formerly PCM, Ltd. and Morgan Stanley
Harvard University

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