About us

Crypto Data is no longer the future. Crypto Data is the now.

This is why we created Cryptosheets, a dynamic platform complete with powerful analytic tools for investors, analysts, developers, and students.

Our mission is to make crypto asset data affordable and easy to access allowing users to overcome traditional barriers to entry and participate meaningfuly in the crypto economy.

We want our users to spend less time on data collection, transformation and entry, and more time on analysis and decision-making.

This is the heart of Cryptosheet's mission.

Meet the team

Come meet the individuals who make Cryptosheets tick.


John Young

Founder, Lead Developer & CTO

John Young is the original founder of Cryptosheets, a former financial analyst for a major US bank and a full stack engineer. 


Chris Ware

Seed Investor, Managing Director & Acting CEO

Chris Ware is the original investor in Cryptosheets and managing director responsible for the technical and strategic direction of Cryptosheets.

Chris actively creates and maintains the Cryptosheets data library, analytics engine, template repo, content distribution and partnership integration platform. 

Contributing Developers

The talented developers & engineers helping Cryptosheets along the way.

Tug Witt


Network Engineer
Prodigy, Former CTO ParadigmAPI

Bryant Moscon


Lead machine learning engineer

Thierry Bleau


Junior Engineer
Formerly RBC, Moneris Machine Learning
McGill University

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