Cryptosheets is an Excel & Googlesheets add-in for

Crypto Data Just Got Easy

Hundreds of providers, thousands of endpoints, endless possibilities.

Real time streaming data
Automatic scheduled refresh
125,000+ crypto assets & derivatives supported
150,000+ capital markets instruments supported
Custom functions
Load charts data instantly
Mix & match providers
Live API consoles for testing
Customizable workspaces
Dashboard widgets
Smart Lookup
Integrated Research
No download templates
Dedicated chat support
Documentation portal w/ thousands of free examples
Help center w/ over 5,000 articles
Active YouTube channel

All your Crypto data in Excel & Googlesheets

Top-tier integrations

Pull all your data into Excel and Google. Connect to exchanges, portfolios, mining, defi, research and other cryptocurrency platforms.


Deep data catalog

Pull in thousands of different endpoints across hundreds of cryptocurrency data providers.


Dedicated API Consoles

Don't waste time pulling all the data into your sheet. Use the API Console to test for what you want first.


Simple menu

Pull data into Excel or Googlesheets with the click of a button

Search and access thousands of crypto API endpoints

Create cryptocurrency financial models and dashboards and send to your co-workers, friends, or anyone

Create customized formulas in real time and paste them into your workbooks then refresh them easily whenever you need


Never be left in the dark on how to use Cryptosheets 

Search & access help documents from within the add-in  

Access live chat support directly from within the add-in

Cryptosheets Use Cases

The Cryptosheets add-in can be used for multiple purposes. 


Smart Lookup

Quickly reference definitions for crypto terminology, metrics, concepts and more.

1. Choose the Smart Lookup Explorer

2. Click on any cell

3. Automagically see multiple definitions


Customizable Workspaces

Create your own custom dashboards using our library of data and content widgets. 

Access your dashboards on the web and share them with anyone 

Combine dynamic widgets to optimize your specific workflows

Create Dynamic Dashboards Using Custom Functions, External Research Models and Your Own Portfolio Positions